Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Top Game Of The Thrones The North Members shirt

Amazing shot by david bergman of the Top Game Of The Thrones The North Members shirt garden we're there for two nights starting tomorrow who's coming thinfstour. To whom it may concern none of what I am about to say here will likely come as a surprise to you I have enjoyed my last terrible experience at the starbucks at the atlanta international airport I will explain why starting with my most recent experience on 25 february 2019 when I asked the cashier how are you today she rolled her eyes and said your name I said david she did not ask what would you like today she continued to just stare at me until I said I like your hat she did not say thank you or please or any other nicety her glower never wavered as she took my order I asked for the chorizo breakfast standwhich to which she replied don't have that as a substitute I got the sausage cheddar and egg sandwich my regular drink a venti soy latte and a tall cup of ice water when the barista handed me the sandwhich it looked like it had been dropped after the service and the state of the displays I wouldn't have been surprised if it had I should not be worried there might be spit in my food while I eat it and I did every single bite same with the coffee sorta takes the enjoyment out wouldn't you think and the coffee tasted burnt did she put something in it I do not know the answer to this question but I didn't finish the drink hopefully I do not get sick if this was a one off experience maybe I would have said nothing I strongly believe that to get a job as a barista at the starbucks at c gate hiring managers go out into the community and ask people do you hate your life if they answer yes you put them behind your bars but it was not simply this experience it is every time if I want unsatisfactory service i'll stop trekking all the way over to c gate where the baristas act as if they loathe every customer if I want the abysmal treatment while trying to get a sub par cup of coffee between flights a and b gates offer this as well could you please find employees that actually like other people and or working that would be fantastic best regards david. Honored to be in the presence of his holiness franciscus' compassionate heart and inclusivity thank you to meditationbob and thecurafoundation for making it all possible ️ unitetocure Top Game Of The Thrones The North Members shirt

Top Game Of The Thrones The North Members shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

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Top Game Of The Thrones The North Members shirt

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